Our Coffees.

We start by selling Colombia Supremo, a smooth coffee that will appeal to most tastes. (see info below) As our customer base grows we will be adding a number of other coffees for people to try,  including some produced by women growers. The prices are excellent for the coffees we offer. There are cheaper coffees available…… but coffee should most definitely not be only about price! Quality is everything. In the quality of taste  of the cup they produce, and the quality of life growers and people  around the world stuck in poverty . Please click here to see why we sell the coffees we do.

The “about” link following each listing will give you a lot more important information… where it is grown, who grows it, terroir, etc. Prices are suggested retails. Please note that we do not sell to the public. We sell wholesale to animal sanctuaries. Built into the wholesale price of every pound of green beans is a donation to Plan International. ( Find out why here.)

Colombian Supremo.
1 lb Green Beans $8.98 (about)

Following are just a few of the coffees we hope to offer soon. Please understand. I am retired, and about as far from rich as you could find. I do this to help animals and those deprived of a decent life. I have to buy in large volumes to get great coffees, and much as I love coffee, I cant afford to have thousands of pounds sitting around! I am hoping people will take the time to tell me what coffees they would like to try, and when I have enough customers I will bring in some of the following for you to enjoy. Please let me know what you would like to see me bring in

Bourbon Coffee from the  Vista Bella Farm, El Salvador.
1 lb Green Beans $8.98.  ( about )

Arabica Coffee from the Cauca Region of Colombia.
Green Beans $9.45.( about)

San Agustín Colombia Caturra, Castillo, Colombia, Tabi Blend.
Green Beans $ 11.45.  (about)

Brazilian Coffee from a Woman Producer.
Green Beans $10.65.  (about)

Papua New Guinea , Arusha, Typica.
Green Beans $10.25.  (about)

Honduras Women Producer Co-op
Green Beans $10.55.   (about)

Guatemala Huehuetenango
Green Beans $10.55.  (about)