“If it sounds too good to be true”
We have all heard that…and it is usually good advice …. but not this time. If you collect stamps, coins, covers, jewellery and/or postcards here is a chance to get prices you never dreamed possible…. and as a bonus, you help us help animals.

We have thousands and thousands of collectible stamps, collectible coins, covers, and postcards, and have hundreds of items of jewellery. We operate stores where we have positive feedback from satisfied customers. ( 6,300 100% positive feedback on Hipstamp, for example.) We used to sell on Etsy where we had a 200 100% feedback, but will now be selling jewellery and other items on Bonanza because the commissions are much lower.  We sell in US dollars.. but by joining Sadpig you will get to purchase at least at 25% off for 1 year. Please check out what we offer….you will be glad you did!